HOT STELLA – Episode 1

It started from a passionate kiss, Stella wrapped her hands around James' head, and they both had intense kisses...8 min


HOT STELLA – Episode 1

It was a cozy morning, James could be seen grumbling on the bed, due to the cold weather, his vision was so blurred, and he found it hard to stand on his feet.

The scenario of what happened the previous night flashed to his memory, he beamed with a smile, he felt the cold feeling again, he remembered how the girl he recently met at the supermarket gave him a tight hug after they both had lunch; it was as if he had never met a lady before.

James had the intention of going to the supermarket, to get some foodstuffs; he was searching for where to get milk and Milo in the supermarket when his eyes caught the attention of this young and elegant lady. The lady has an average height, she’s busty, and she walks romantically.

The way she smiles is enough to send shivers down the spine of any man that comes her way, her backside can make the most giant man fall back to his feet.

James was lost in thought while thinking about how endowed the lady is, not knowing he is close to the wall, he hit his head on the wall, and his legs trip, this brought him back to reality. The lady saw him from afar off, and quickly ran to help him back on his feet, while lifting the lady up, their eyes both met, and they stared at each other for some seconds.

I’m Stella, the lady said, I’m James, he replied almost as fast, he stretched his hands forward, and they both got along immediately.

He asked what she came to get in the supermarket, and they both started the conversation as if they have been friends for years. James had developed instant affection for the lady.

After they both got what they came to the supermarket to buy, James asked if they could have lunch, and the lady gladly answered yes. James felt surprised that the lady could easily flow along with him well. James is not a lady freak, but Stella seems to get into his head completely.

They ordered fried rice, and James stared at her with each spoon she took in, she had 100% table manners, she was about taking the five-alive drink, she was served, and her eyes caught the attention of James starting at her, this got her shocked and the drink on her hand splattered on her chest.

Uh, I’m sorry! James said sharply, and he reached out to the handkerchief in his pocket, can I help you clean up? Of course, you can, she replied with a smile. James cleaned her body right from her neck and slowly to the opening of her breast, the softness of the breast, caused a commotion in his trouser for a while, before he was brought back to the reality that they are in a public.

He looked at the lady seductively, as he licked his lower lips, the lady looked back at him cunningly and they both kept smiling at each other, a lot of thoughts flowing through James’ mind.

After lunch, the lady promised to come over to his house the next day, and spend a good time with him. James was very glad to hear this, and the lady gave him a tight hug, making him feel how heavy she is at the front.

James remembered all this, while still lying on his bed, and his eyes became wide open. He started imagining how to take care of the girl, on her arrival. “I must to knack this babe today,” James said to himself, as he hurriedly jumped up from the bed.

He took the table and chair he used to read away from, and took it to a neighbor’s apartment, so the lady will have no other alternative than to sit on the bed when she arrives.

He checked the amount of money left inside his purse, it was #7650, he kept #5000 aside, to give to the lady as transport fare when she comes around, he took the remaining #2500+ to get Titus and some ingredients to prepare spaghetti for her.

He sprayed one of his best sprays in the room, to make the room scent nice, he changed the bedsheet and prepared the food.

He sat down on the bed and folded hands on his trouser, but his hands couldn’t stay, as his manhood is already protruding out of his trouser, because he is already overwhelmed with thoughts of how to have s*x with her.

He picked his phone, to call her and ask about when she’s going to be around, however, he met five people missing from this lady. He hurriedly called back, and Stella responded with a harsh voice, where did you put your phone? I’ve been at your junction for the past 15 minutes, and you weren’t picking your call. I’m so sorry; I didn’t know my phone was on silent, he responded, he dashed outside to pick the lady from the junction.

Getting to the junction, was like seeing a completely different lady. She wore a damn sexy cloth and was on her best look.

He hugged her and apologized for not picking her call. He assisted her to carry her bag, and raised his second hands around her shoulder, as they both walked to his apartment.

Stella loved the sweet smell of the room, and how the room was neatly arranged, she sat on the bed without being told, and James sat beside her.

“What would you like to eat?” James asked, moving so close to her, and their lips were almost touching each other, nothing, for now, she slightly responded. Are you sure? James asked, making an attempt to have a lip kiss, he slowly moved his lips closer to hers, Stella gently stared at him for some seconds, and their lips slowly started getting locked.

It started from a passionate kiss, Stella wrapped her hands around James’ head, and they both had intense kisses.

The kiss became more intense, and in no time, Stella’s back was already on the bed, James followed and was on top of her, he slightly removed his dick, and thrust inside her VJ.

Ouchhhh! Stella sounded slowly into his ears, he removed the d*ck again, and thrust it in the second time, this time around, the d*ck went in deeper. This made Stella screamed, and she used the bed sheet to cover her mouth. James started thrusting her, and she started moaning out loudly, ouch, uhhm, ahhh, ooo, uhhhm. James continued banging and turned her over, he continued banging from the back, till he spilled.

James felt exhausted. While Stella still wanted more, and then a knock on the door.

To be continued……


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