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Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Knowing that someone thinks about you, cares for you, misses you, and makes you happy is the best feeling in life. But sometimes things might just turn around and hit you when you least expect them to. 

At some point, I believe everyone in their life has experienced a broken relationship which led to a broken heart. And during this devastating time, how do you cope with the heartbreak? How do you move on? These are the questions that run through your mind if you have ever gone through heartbreak or currently experiencing one. Bottom line is, everyone has experience. I am no stranger to heartbreak, I can say that I have had the worse experience also. 

In my own case, a love full of positive promises and unforgettable memories came crashing down. We were doing the love thing for a while then everything turned cold and then came a lot of misunderstandings and constant arguments. It became a thug of war and exchange of unpleasant words. We grew out of love. 

But in my own honest opinion, I believe love is a commitment, it’s way beyond what you may feel because feelings may fade but your commitment to be with that person will make things work out. I was shattered the whole time, dealing with the whole thing. The only thing that was running through my mind was leaving that environment to somewhere new because I was living in fear of running back to my ex, maybe on the road, grocery shop, church, or in a bus. 

My coping technique was Hanging out with friends, going to pubs having few bottles. It was just a distraction that I needed during that time.  I dedicated so much time working real hard, thinking of new tasks to work on and become a better version of myself.  My friends were all supportive too. After a while, I felt better but though the pain was still there it was not as before.


Heartbreak is something that you will get to deal with and move on from so you don’t kill yourself over it, It is only natural to feel like that for some time but the pain does go away. 

As I said before one way or other it may hit you but you have to be strong and be ready to move on with yourself. I am going to share with you some of the things I did to move deal with a broken heart when I broke up with my ex. Though it is not going to be easy and it will definitely take time, but you will be fine as you take these steps. 

1. Focus on positive things

The heartbreak you got from your relationship shouldn’t limit your mind, there are better opportunities out there, all you need is to get your head out there and focus on the positive aspect of things, you will be alright in the end.  

2. Create new tasks for yourself

If there are things in your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to pursue, then it’s time that you go for those things. If you do not have a bucket list because you used to do things with your ex all the thing, take time and create a new task for yourself to accomplish. 

3. Take care of yourself 

This is one important thing that you ought to do, take enough time to care for yourself. Look for things that you may need, or want at the moment and get those things for yourself. Make sure your mental health is okay. Eat healthily and do a lot of exercises to look good. 

4. Talk to people

You should have one or two friends who have been supportive all the way. Talk to them about how you feel they may have a thing or two to say or something to do to make you feel better during that time. 

5. Allow yourself to cry 

I personally did this, I exhaled and pour out my entire hurts because I knew that was the last time I was going to cry over my ex. Don’t be hard on yourself, don’t force yourself. These things take time, in the end, you will be fine. 

6. Don’t Be Friends

A lot of people might say contradicting things to this step but to be sincere for you to feel better you need to cut off communication with your ex. I am not saying that you become arch enemies, don’t be friends. You can greet on the way but don’t try to be friends, because it will only rekindle what you’re trying to kill. If you give in to the pressure to stay friends you will awake the hormones that want to have that person all the time which is not good. 

7. Allow yourself to heal 

The healing process is not a quick thing, it takes time. The best you can do is to give yourself time to heal and trust me everything will be alright.



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