Do you have the always angry or never smiling boss or the yelling boss or is it the manipulative boss who makes you do things with smiles or is the boss who...3 min

Now I get why people don’t want to work in big firms but have their own business. It’s basically torture. Boss’s can be the most confusing beings ever. Do you have the always angry or never smiling boss or the yelling boss or is it the manipulative boss who makes you do things with smiles or is the boss who promises a day or two off every time and never actually comes through or is it the boss who gives your paycheck a week after the month as ended? Yeah! I get it. We all have that boss we’d love to slap. If you don’t then you’re a lucky bastard.

How To Deal With A Difficult Boss

1.  My first TIP will be “Never put yourself in the position to be questioned” 

This is very important that’s why I make sure I do what is expected of me. Even if you are tired you’ve got to shift it to the next day, make sure it’s the first thing you do the very next day. This way you avoid been queried or insulted.

2.  Your boss can never be your friend – Some bosses are the nicest. They treat you so well you almost forget you work for them. Don’t! Because the moment you forget who he or she that is the same moment you begin to slack. And note to self that every boss doesn’t give a shit about you are, they never forget you are an employee and they are your employer. Chant it every day “she is my boss nothing more”.

3.  Know when to ignore – Does your boss often yell at you. Does he or she keep repeating the same thing in different words and you’re sick of it because you’ve heard it a billion times already? Well, it’s simple. The solution is to simply sing your favorite song in your head while she rants away. I do this all the time, you at like you are listening but deep down you are not.

I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you that… Okay, I’m kidding. 

It might be difficult to be an employee, I definitely understand. It’s not the best thing in the world but I assure you that it gets better. Keep being the good employee that you are and it would pay off someday.

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