Yesterday was quite boring to me and so, after hours of reading in preparation for my upcoming school exams, I dropped my books and sought...4 min

Yesterday was quite boring to me and so, after hours of reading in preparation for my upcoming school exams, I dropped my books and sought to do something less depressing with my time. I went to the stack of novels I had and grabbed one randomly with one thought in my head; get away from those school books! Ironically, the novel I grabbed was Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” and it was definitely a school book but I didn’t mind because, well, it was a novel. Great progress. I dove straight into reading until I got to a part where Okonkwo, the main character of this amazing story would suddenly look at his favourite of his wife’s children, Ezinma, and wish she was a boy.

He questioned and told himself repeatedly; “she should have been born a boy… why is she not a boy?” Offensive, I know but for too long, with the aid of ancient traditional cultures and values handed down from generations, the idea of a woman as nothing more than a “stay at home-please your husband and live for your children other than that shut up-baby making machine” has lasted centuries and has done so much harm than good to us. It is so hard to get rid of these ideals, but compared to how things were decades ago, I am pleased that we have come this far.

Being a woman in this world isn’t easy. Always having to do twice as much as our male
counterparts just to prove ourselves and our worth. Taking care of our souls, bodies, and minds while also taking care of the people around us. The sacrifices we’ve all had to make as women at some points in our lives and journey as sisters, daughters, friends, lovers, partners, mothers and so much more.

The freedom and equality we fight for every day in our work and personal lives without losing ourselves to the power we gain along the way. The inward strength we seem to possess to stay beautiful within and without regardless of the hurt and pain we face in the hands of the people that we love, our fathers hurting us, brothers disappointing us at times, lovers breaking us… The list is endless.

We might not all be Mitchelle Obama. But we sure as hell are us. We are strong and powerful and resilient. We face lots of troubles every day to last us a lifetime and it never seems to stop hitting us in the face every time but I tell you, you are strong and an unyielding spirit is all you truly need to keep your head above. More importantly, all you need is you!

So, a huge shout-out to all the women out there and to all the young girls that will one day, take our place in this race and become women like we are now, you are Wonderful! You are Superb and Powerful! Your strength might not be in your soft, curvy frames but you sure have it IN you! You are Beautiful and Smart and Courageous. 

No one could ever compare to you, even if they tried. Because you are you. You are Special. You are LOVE. Your love is the healing balm the world needs so do not let anyone ever make you feel like you’re nothing. You are Everything and so much more! You are Perfect. You are celebrated every day, whether you know it or not. Every time you show yourself love and embrace the person that you are without remorse or doubt, you celebrate your power and your being.

Your Essence. Shoulder on baby!

Continue spicing this dull world with you wahala.


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Bukola Awoyomi
Bukola Margaret, a Nigerian undergraduate and fiction writer. She has written short stories ranging from Romance to Horror over the past year as she started her journey as a writer. She is currently for When she's not reading stories of Cinderella and her Prince Charming, she's definitely in a faraway world cooking up stories of her own...


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