I have known that I was different from everyone else. I knew I had to find something but I didn't know what exactly. There are sixteen personality types...4 min


I have known that I was different from everyone else. I knew I had to find something but I didn’t know what exactly. I hated the feeling of wanting to find something and how I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Well, not until I found the article that helped change all and gave me closure.I came across the Myers Briggs personality types in 2019 and I have been fascinated ever since. 

There are sixteen personality types. This very interesting concept was created and researched by a mother-daughter duo Isabel Myers and Katherine. I figured I identified better with INFJ’s one of these personalities. Have you ever felt lost in a world so familiar? Well, follow on this article and maybe you’d get your own closure and realize you are not alone.

Signs Of An INFJ The Rarest Personally in The World

1.  INFJ’s often report feeling lonely and different- This is true because that was how I felt and still feel. There is no way to actually prove what you feel or how to explain but you know deep down in your gut. The reason is that we are very few in number and we tend to view the world differently

2.  INFJ’s take an all-or-nothing approach in life. INFJ’s don’t like to waste time on anything especially when they feel it’s inauthentic or fake. Be it relationships or a job or family. We tend to prefer quality over quantity. One good is jean is better than a thousand bad jeans.

3.  INFJ’s exude warmth and others immediately feel comfortable in their presence. I don’t know about other people but I think I’m a warm and friendly person. This personality type has a knack for attracting people with certain issues and needs advice. This is because they are great listeners, great confidants, and generally likable.

4.  INFJ’s are true introverts- This personality type is very quiet people who hate attention. They’d prefer reading a novel all cozied up in their room than going out. This is because “home” I where they are safe and have a sense of familiarity. I might not vibe well with you in a loud or crowded environment because I find it unnerving.

Here are few things an INFJ should relate to. If you don’t you should research MBTI and find out which personality type you are.

1.  You enjoy complexities. You’ll take pleasure in watching life unfold. You’ll sit back, relax and enjoy

2.  You are deeply emphatic. You have a knack for feeling too much to the point you become overwhelmed. You absorb the feelings of people and can tell when a person is happy or going through a tough time. 

3.  You connect better with people face to face than in large groups. You tend to find deeper connections with people by looking at their faces and non-verbal cues. 

4.  You love to learn and you are very intelligent. You secretly when people call you a bookworm

5.  You can be hard to get to know. This is because INFJ’s don’t let just anyone into their lives. They have very few circles of friends and they like to keep people whom they deem honest close.


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