"Took you long enough. Hi. I never thought I'd see you here. Not that I ever wanted to see you, after what happened last night, and what you said…"5 min


Today is Monday. Which means I have work. I groaned as I checked the time, my head thumping loudly against my eardrums in revenge for all the alcohol I consumed the night before. My hangovers were always so tormenting, but I find myself at the same club drinking my weekend away every week.

My friends had stopped trying to keep me away from drinking, what can I say? I’m heartbroken and the fastest way for a girl like me to get over a breakup is to drink the pain and hurt away. I sighed and bit my lip to stop the tears from coming as I made my way to the bathroom.

One perk of drinking when you’re heartbroken is that the next day, you feel like total shit and all the awful feelings you try to hide from just comes in full force and hits you hard, you can’t seem to recover from it and then you wonder why you ever drank in the first place. Alcohol makes things worse.

I tried ignoring how awful I looked and how shitty I felt as I drove to work. That place is so full of drama and that was the last thing I wanted to engage in for today; drama.

I checked myself in the rear-view mirror before stepping out of my car and making my way into the building. I had a feeling today would go bad. Never ignore the gut feeling of a hungover lady.

The office was eerily quiet, even Mosope the office gossip was not saying anything. I didn’t like the girl, but she knew how to entertain everyone with her jokes and gossip. You can’t blame me for sitting and listening to her gossips, After all, I’m human. She was beautiful in her own way, but her mouth spoiled most of her beauty. I’m not even talking about her gossipy lifestyle anymore, her mouth literally looked like a woodpecker’s beak. I think it suits her nature better. I went to her desk and asked.

“Mosope, what’s going on?”

“Oh, good morning ma. Did you not hear about the new chairman? I told you on Friday though. I’ve seen him. He’s sooo cute and sexy. You know that kind of guys that exercise every day and have six-packs with pink lips? Yeah, he’s their kind. And he’s taallll! You know how I have a fetish for extremely tall guys? I think he’s my soulmate. You should have seen his smile when he spoke to me. His voice was so soft and….”

I tuned her out after that and rubbed my temple. I was exhausted and the day wasn’t even started yet. I had totally forgotten about the change. I gasped as I remembered I had a presentation that morning, grabbed my files from my office while praying I wouldn’t get fired today as I made my way to the chairman’s office. You know that moment when you realize you’re screwed? Well, that moment was this.

What’s the probability that the random guy you had random sex with at a club the other night would be your new boss at work the next morning? Well, in my case, it was a 100 of 100 probability. I’m totally screwed. What do I do?

“Took you long enough. Hi. I never thought I’d see you here. Not that I ever wanted to see you, after what happened last night, and what you said…”

“Yeah. Wait, what I said? What did I say?”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m the boss here. You’re late and you still stand there to talk? You have a presentation right? Then go ahead, I don’t have time. Dummy.” I scoffed and cursed under my breath as I started with my presentation. Who the fuck is he? How dare he call me a dummy? I tried my best, I really did but even I knew everything I said and did right now was trash.

So, I didn’t say a word and bowed my head in embarrassment as he got up from his seat and made his way towards me, calling me names until he was in front of me. He called me incompetent, rash, stupid, a lowlife who couldn’t get one thing right. I hardly managed to contain my anger but when he called me a whore, my hungover self lost it and I slapped him, called him a bastard, spit on him, and walked away.

Sadly, we didn’t have angry make-up sex, got fired.

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Bukola Awoyomi
Bukola Margaret, a Nigerian undergraduate and fiction writer. She has written short stories ranging from Romance to Horror over the past year as she started her journey as a writer. She is currently for When she's not reading stories of Cinderella and her Prince Charming, she's definitely in a faraway world cooking up stories of her own...


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