THE LAST NIGHT – Episode 1

THE LAST NIGHT [Episode 1] Cynthia is a pretty, naïve young girl who started attending school very early. She’s 16 years old in her first year at the University. Cynthia,...6 min

The Last Night

THE LAST NIGHT – Episode 1

Cynthia is a pretty, naive young girl who started attending school very early. She’s 16 years old in her first year at the University.

Cynthia, who has a mini hairdressing saloon within the University campus was blessed with numerous friends as a result of her brightness.

On several occasions, Cynthia is admired for her outstanding view about intimate relationships by her friends.

Cynthia is the last child of her mother and has Jennifer as her older sister.
Jennifer has been in a serious relationship with Daniel for over twelve months now. Many times, Jennifer would come home crying and severely heartbroken. Cynthia would look at Jennifer in disgust and irritating surprise as she says “God forbid! Me, Jennifer, cry for a boy, hmm…”

At this age, Cynthia is quite oblivious of romantic love or intimate relationship. She has heard the word, ‘love’ on several occasions but knows absolutely nothing about it.

Some people say love is sweet, others say it hurts. Girls cry because of a boy. “But how is that even possible? Me, Cynthia cry because of a boy, or this their relationship thing? God forbid!” she would emphasize whenever she hears a story of heartbreak. 💔

According to Cynthia, every boy is a bad boy! She has made up her mind that she would never fall in love or have anything to do with any boy until she’s 18. More often than not, Cynthia has asked her roommate, Kate, what it feels like to love a boy.

Kate would reply “love has many forms, true love is an unspoken force that can only be felt, not spoken!

Love is not about playing hard to get. You will know when you meet the right person. This is because you will be able to love loud and free. Love is the greatest pain and pleasure. When your world is falling apart, the only thing that can hold it together is a hug from someone you love! And when you are deeply in love with someone, you don’t want anyone near the person. That is where heartbreak steps in.

But above all, love is the most beautiful feeling on earth!”💕
Cynthia has never admired a guy. Not even the almighty every girls’ dream boy, David.

David is one of the cutest and neatest guys on campus. He is smart, intelligent, and brighter than almost every guy on campus. He is pretty occupied with lots of friends, especially girls. After David was heartbroken by Vivian, he has decided never to fall in love again. As a result, he double-dates and plays games on girls instead.

Currently, David is in a relationship with Lucia, Dorcas, Vera, and Cassandra; all as a result of his phobia for the harshest pains in the world, heartbreak!

All Cynthia’s friends, Melody, Victoria Simon, Jennifer, her sister, and even Kate her roommate who has Kingsley as her boyfriend, were all having a crush on David. But Cynthia has never admitted any affection for any boy including David.

After a stressful day in school, Cynthia was returning to her lodge after her last class of the day.

Just at the school exit where John and Frederick were hanging and chatting silently about sport, they saw Cynthia who was approaching their direction.
John: hey Fred! Cynthia! 😍

Frederick: that girl! where? Where is she?

John: 👉 over there. She’s approaching our direction.

Frederick: hmm! Omo, that babe eeh, I wish I can just lay a finger! She’s killing me die! She is my dream girl!

John: hm, not only you oh! Every guy for campus dey crush on that sweet girl!

Frederick: omo, na my own sure pass… I just can’t get the girl out of my mind! 💕 Each time I see Cynthia, I just feel like grabbing that her lovely waist! The babe too sweet abeg!

John: no be lie. The babe carry every, every. But me eeh, I know say she no go even give me face at all. I no even fit greet her in case she go slap me!

Frederick: hm, I will catch that babe one day! I go just tell am wetin dey my mind jeje. If she won kill me, make she kill me. I don tire for her matta…

John: oboyi’eee, see her hip! I wish I can just lay my hands.

Frederick: Ha! guy, what is wrong with you nau? How you go the talk about my Cynthia like that?

John: Ha! your Cynthia? Since when? Keep dreaming. Since you like her, why don’t you push your luck? Come on… Na woman you be? Just try and see wetin she go say. You never can tell. Or you the fear like me?

Frederick: hm, I’m not afraid of her o. But…

John: but what? guy, just be bold and stop this Cynthia today abeg! Remember, where there’s a will, there is a way.

Frederick: hmm, I’m nervous. But thanks for the courage buddy. let me stop her, and push my luck today!
After Frederick checked himself out, and dust his trouser thoroughly, he strategizes himself in a corner, waiting patiently for Cynthia’s arrival at his position.

When Cynthia got to his position, she was about to pass by when Frederick whistled at her calmly.

Frederick: hey babe, hello!

EPISODE 3 Continues…

AUTHOR: Salifu Victor Mona

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